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It's never easy to sell or buy a kitten. In order to make the best choice, we want to meet with the buyers. We want our kitten all the best in the future, and thats why we try to find them safe and secure homes with loving familys.

Kittens sold for export, will be negotiated individually.

Our kittens won't leave our home before they are 3 months. They will have a FIFe pedigree, they are examined by a wet, they will be vaccinated once against all cat deceases (cat flu etc.).

We expect the buyer to revaccinate the kitten within the first 4 week, and keep
vaccinating the cat once a year.

Cats sold for export will have their pass, they will be vaccinated against rabies and they will be chiped according to the law. If the buyer wants aditionel tests taken, this will be done, when they
have been payed for.

The kittens grow up in our home, and at the age of 2½ month they will have opportunity to go out in our closed garden.

Our kitten means a great deal to us all, and we like to recieve information of their well beeing. They are used to kids, strangers, cats.

Our cats and kittens always have acces to fresh water and plenty of 1.st class dried food. Sometimes they get fresh fish, chicken or beef.

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1, BIS Jyrak Middelfart, 20/11 2010 Francoise Milcent (F)
1 Darak Dragør, 06/08 2008 Gina Grob (FL)
5 Racekatten København, 26/06 1993 P.H. Olsen (DK)


Nightrunner's Kittens


BRI ns 22 64 / ns 24 64

If you are interested in a kitten, please contact us on mail@nightrunners.dk.

Are you currious, then take a look at some of our earlier kittens in the Gallery.

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